Cat in the Hat audio manual
Version 2/11/2018

The sound and music files

These are kept on an internet server so that we can keep them updated as the software evolves, and in response to other people putting on the show.

Download this file. You will need the password supplied to you by MTI to access it.

This download is larger than one 1GB so may take some time to download.

Once the file has downloaded you will have a file in your folder called “Cat In The”

Double click it and it will un-zip itself, or it may have done so automatically. You should end up with something like this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 19.43.12.png

You can now double click on either “CITH 2 SPEAKER” or “CITH 8 SPEAKER”. If you have QLab v2, then select the relevant file that ends with v2; if you have QLab v3, use the file that ends with v3; if you have QLab v4, use the file that ends with v4.

Now go to the Setup page to see what to do now!


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