Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Am very pleased to be able to announce that I am designing the sound for the new play, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. It will be opening at the Palace Theatre next year, and it is a lovely reunion of most of the Let The Right One In creative team. Plus music by the lovely Imogen Heap.

The official website


Oxfam spot

I did the sound design for this animation for Oxfam, discussing coal pollution, climate change and overpopulation. Animation was by Joseph Pierce and the other geniuses at 59 Productions. Music for the German and French versions was by Jeff Beal (House of Cards), and for the UK version was by Origamibiro. The English version is narrated by Simon Pegg, who sadly I didn't get to meet as was busy in Prague.

Glastonbury: Land and Legend opens at Prague Quadrennial

In 2014 I spent a few days wandering around the Glastonbury Festival with a binaural head and a bunch of other microphones. Not to record the music, but to record the rest of the festival. I was there with the V&A Theatre & Performance in a first wave of archiving Glastonbury. As well as this we knew we were going to be producing an exhibition for the Prague Quadrennial.


On May 27th the exhibition opened in Prague, featuring a simultaneous quadrophonic soundscape over speakers and a binaural soundscape over headphones!