I specialise in running workshops primarily for Directors, Writers & Performers. They focus on the use of sound and music as a means of creative storytelling, using practical exercises to explore low-fi ways of making sounds to create emotion and space.

I’ve led workshops for:

National Theatre Directors Course | Sadlers Wells Big Intensive | Complicité | Mousetrap Theatre Projects | National Student Drama Festival | Central School of Speech and Drama | JMK award | Prague Quadrenniel | Birkbeck | RADA | Clod Ensemble

One Day Course in Sound Design and Storytelling for Theatre

This course will cover how we hear and perceive the world, how our imagination affects what we think we hear and how this can be used in theatre making. We’ll look at the development of sound design techniques in theatre and film that have allowed sound designers to break free of the stereotype of being a technical craft, unique in that it occupies the same aural world as the spoken word and so it often interacts more with the performer and the text than with other design elements. This course is ideal for directors, writers, performers, sound designers, engineers, educators and anyone with an interest!

We’ll cover the following topics, using a mix of discussion, practical exercises, film clips, demonstrations and hands-on experience:

  • How we hear the world & how this relates to sound design

  • Language and concepts of sound – Ways of talking about sound and music

  • Use of music / sounds with a musical nature / abstract sounds

  • Use of sound design in film, showing sound design in the context of performance, with demo clips

  • Playwriting and sound design

  • The performer’s voice and sound - manipulation, amplification and reinforcement

  • Noises Off – using live sound effects

  • What’s the difference between a designer, composer, engineer and operator and how they work together.

  • Recorded vs Live music

  • Copyright law for using music in shows

  • Q & A

Email me if you are interested in attending a workshop, or having me run a workshop for your organisation. Class sizes are typically 5 to 25 people.

Shorter workshops are also available.