Bits and Pieces

Here’s a place where I’m just going to post links to random bits of interesting things

Sound designer Ben Burst (Star Wars, Wall-E) talking about failure and collaboration. The interesting bit starts about 1/3rd of the way down the page.

Your Spatial Audio Testing Playground: The Wwise Audio Lab

Notes on Blindness VR version

Tazman audio environment for Unity

How Musicians Are Using Field Recordings to Capture the Politics of Place

Check out "Monitoring latency - good example" / "bad example" slides (the few pages before explain it)

- In Dante Controller, double click on a device to open the Properties (where we label Transmit/Receibve labels, etc), click on Latency tab. Use the drop down box to go through each device and ensure that all bars are green. If any are red, you can change the Latency setting in Device Config to a larger setting for that device, and you should see the bars go green for the affected device.

Also Clock Status Monitoring slide.

- In Dante Controller, click the Turn on Clock Monitoring button in the toolbar of the Routing window.

- In the bottom right of the Routing window, click on the word Clock Status Monitor (which will have a green LED next to it), to open up the Clock Status window. There is a log page, which will likely have events in it from power on, but shouldn’t otherwise. And a history page which shows distribution of clock data.

Ivo Ivanov's 12 Favorite Tools for Creative Sound Design