Sound Designs by Gareth Fry 2007


Attempts on Her Life

Lyttelton Theatre, NT. Director: Katie Mitchell

"dazzlingly sophisticated interweaving of sound" David Benedict, Variety

The Bull

Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre, Barbican Theatre. Director: Michael Keegan-Dolan

Black Watch

National Theatre of Scotland. UK & International tour: UK, Los Angeles, New York. Director: John Tiffany. 

Devised in 2006, toured extensively 2007 to 2014
2008 Helpmann Award Sound Design winner. 
2009 Olivier Award Best Sound Design.

The Jewish Wife

Young Vic Theatre. Director: Katie Mitchell

"Gareth Fry provides a thrilling climax - a massive, bass-heavy barrage of war-noise that makes the seats tremble." Evening Standard 

"Though pianissimo, this soundscape creates an extraordinary sense of tension, conveying this woman's isolation and the ominous world outside." Independent

"Olivier Award winner (for Waves) Gareth Fry's sound design is crucial to the success of the piece, the vague, ominous rumblings coupling with Jon Clark's spectral lighting to convey a sense that all is, indeed, not well.", Matt Wolf

"Katie Mitchell’s direction has touchingly captured the spirit of the piece while Gareth Fry and Paul Clark’s eerie and poignant sound design plays a vital role in accentuating the specific mood, further complimenting this Brechtian gem." Fiona Doyle for Extra! Extra!


How Much Is Your Iron?

Young Vic Theatre. Dir: Orla O’Loughlin


BBC Radio 4 Afternoon play

Directed by Lu Kemp. Written by Alexis Zegerman. Performed by Danny Worters

Transmitted: 15th June 2007

A Matter of Life and Death

Kneehigh @ Olivier Theatre, National Theatre. Director: Emma Rice

Pixar’s Big Cheese Tour for Ratatouille


Royal Theatre, Northampton. Dir: Dani Parr

Film4 Summer Screen & Freetime at Somerset House


Unlimited Theatre, UK tour. Director: Jon Spooner

OK Computer

BBC Radio 4 Friday play

Directed by Lu Kemp. Written by Joel Horwood, Chris Perkins, Al Smith and Chris Thorpe. 
Performed by: Tom Brooke, Liz White, Federay Holmes, Pieter Lawman, Chris Thorpe

Transmitted: 19th October 2007, 11 April 2009 and 7th October 2012

Sexual Perversities of our Parents

Gate, UK. Dir: Carrie Cracknell

Singstar PS3 launch

The Overwhelming

Laura Pels, Roundabout Theatre, New York. Director: Max Stafford-Clark

Back to Front

Gala at Sadlers Wells Theatre

Women of Troy

Lyttelton Theatre, NT. Director: Katie Mitchell

A video interview with me about the show

A selection of reviews ;-)
“overwhelming arrogance” - Telegraph
“stunningly imaginative” - Independent

“somber without being remotely moving or disturbing” WOS
“extraordinary daring and coherence.. heartbreakingly.. unforgettable experience” - Independent

“powerfully atmospheric.. 
conceited and perverse” - Telegraph
“harrowing.. distressing.. 
uncomfortably relevant” - SOLT

“unaffecting.. hackneyed..” - Mail
“indelibily haunting” - Standard

“left my emotions untouched”  - Guardian
“unforgettable physical completeness” - Observer

"Near the end, while listening to classical music on the radio, the women suddenly break into chokingly gorgeous choral song. Indeed Gareth Fry’s sound design is perhaps his best yet, evoking alongside the carnage of war a kind of David Lynch other-worldly shuddering industrial noise." Andrew Haydon, Postcards from the Gods

"Their words sometimes serve as mere counterpoints to Gareth Fry’s remarkable sound design of infernal rumbles offstage as the last of the city is laid waste. It is an immensely powerful mood, aided by a script almost devoid of affect." FT / Ian Shuttleworth

"the production’s soundscape is highly effective, with the intimidating noise of clanging and clanking machinery punctuating passages of ambient electronica. Every now and then, the sound of a ship’s horn comes as a chilling reminder of the women’s terrible fate." Jason Best, The Stage

"Very much an ensemble piece, it is Mitchell’s creation as a whole that stands out here. Together with set designer Bunny Christie, and the lighting and sound of Paule Constable and Gareth Fry, Mitchell has created a harrowing and surreal production where the power of suggestion is just as important as what happens on stage. Keys echoing in locks, the booming of ships leaving the port, the changes in lighting as doors rumble open and shut and debris falling from the ceiling all suggest that what is beyond the four walls of the warehouse is infinitely more distressing than the frightening limbo state the women are currently in. As a depiction of the consequences of war, Mitchell makes the ancient story uncomfortably relevant to today." Official London Theatre

"However, what this production lacks in vocal delivery, it makes up for with fabulous, stirring music and sound effects and intriguing imagery. Music Director Simon Allen and Sound Designer Gareth Fry have created a soundtrack to suffer by, a flaring cacophony of crashing steel doors, of foghorns and ominous slidings and shiftings. From the scratching hum of a million locusts to the massive explosion at the end that seemed to rock the theatre and give us all tinnitus, it was epic, unbounded, mythic." Rogues & Vagabonds


Somerset House Ice Rink

Big Intensive at Sadlers Wells

BBC New Years Eve Live Broadcast

Live Sound Engineer