Sound Designs & other work by Gareth Fry 2004

World Music

Donmar Warehouse. Director: Josie Rourke

The Dark

Donmar Warehouse. Director: Anna Mackmin

Music composed for this show was to reflect the repressed terror of neighbours experiencing a power cut and being forced to meet each other for the first time. Forest - the characters silently walk around their tower block, walking into and out of each others houses, terrified.

Strange Poetry, Hector Berlioz and the Poetry of Dreams

Walt Disney Concert Hall. Complicite in collaboration with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. Director: Simon McBurney


The Watery Part of the World

Sound and Fury, Macedonia. Director: Mark Espiner

"Gareth Fry's masterful sound artistry has free reign and immediately - when the sounds of lapping waves begin - you are transported."

"Gareth Fry's remarkable surround-sound design.  Wave after wave of sound-effects - the whir of a harpoon gun, the flap of a sail, a sudden turmoil of water - sends pulses racing." The Telegraph

"Gareth Fry’s evocative soundscape ranges from creaking timbers and lapping waves to the apocalyptic rumblings of some doomsday machine. Like Melville’s work, you’re made to feel that the human and natural worlds are caught in a battle between the heavenly and the demonic." The Times

"[the] sound design mingles the naturalistic with more abstract assemblages so that in moments of frenzied activity we feel ourselves in the bowels of some vast infernal engine." Financial Times

Time and Space

Dashazi Arms Factory, Beijing - Living Dance Studio. Directors: Wen Hui and Joseph Alford.

A site specific dance performance in an old weapons factory in Beijing - the factory still had some of the original machinery and painted slogans declaring the workers love for Chairman Mao.

Fuming Machine - the performers created a machine with their own bodies, each person being one part of the machine (as can be heard building up in the first minute) until the piece sequed into a Kronos Quartet piece, Summer Overture and the machine fell apart

Man and Superman

Director: Sir Peter Hall. Peter Hall Season, Theatre Royal Bath & UK tour

Galileo’s Daughter

Director: Sir Peter Hall. Peter Hall Season, Theatre Royal Bath & UK tour

Blithe Spirit

Director: Thea Sharrock. Peter Hall Season, Theatre Royal Bath & UK tour

Don Juan

Director: Thea Sharrock. Peter Hall Season, Theatre Royal Bath & UK tour

Iphigenia at Aulis

Lyttleton Theatre, NT. Director: Katie Mitchell

" virtually every revelation underscored by Chris Davey's virtuosic lighting and a sound design to match from Gareth Fry. " Matt Wolf, Variety


Freetime & Akademi concerts

Somerset House

Elephant Vanishes

Complicite, Barbican Theatre. Production Sound Engineer. Director: Simon McBurney


Out of Joint, Site specific. UK Tour. Director: Max Stafford-Clark

This production of Macbeth took place in site specific venues with a proportion of the performance in promenade. It toured extensively across the UK as well as internationally.

"Magnificent sounds.. by remarkable artists... it's a staggering piece of work" Macbeth, Fringe Report

"Sound designer Gareth Fry and associate designer Carolyn Downing have a fly buzzing round the room that catches the audience looking in vain towards his loudspeakers; then a full-on war with helicopters flying across the ceiling and troops advancing from 3 sides. It's a staggering piece of work, culminating in their staging of composer Felix Cross's percussive rendering of Scotland The Brave with on-stage instruments blended imperceptibly to pre-recorded backing track. " Fringe Report

Zero Degrees and Drifting

Unlimited Theatre, UK Tour. Director: Jon Spooner.

"evocative and finely timed sound design by Gareth Fry" Ian Watson,

Forty Winks

Royal Court Theatre. Director: Katie Mitchell

By The Bog Of Cats

Wyndhams Theatre. Director: Dominic Cooke

Fix Up

Cottesloe Theatre, NT. Director: Angus Jackson

Somerset House Ice Rink

BBC New Years Eve Live Broadcast

Live Sound Engineer