Sound design & other work by Gareth Fry 2002

Top Girls

Alwych Theatre, Re-Sounder for sound designer Mic Pool. Director: Thea Sharrock


Shaftesbury Theatre, Acoustic Consultant


BAC. Director: Marchello Magni

Electric Ballroom

Club Nights

Night Songs

Royal Court Theatre, UK & Du Maurier Centre, Toronto. Director: Katie Mitchell

Face to the Wall

Royal Court Theatre, UK & Du Maurier Centre, Toronto. Director: Katie Mitchell

Genoa 01

Royal Court Theatre, Director: Simon McBurney

Mnemonic Radio Play

BBC / Essential Music

The Noise of Time

Complicite with the Emerson String Quarter, UCLA, Bergen, Vienna, Bath, Zurich

Director: Simon McBurney. Sound Design with Christopher Shutt

Opened in New York 2000, and subsequently toured to Barbican London, Berlin, Illinois, Massachussetts, Bergen, Vienna, Bath, Zurich, Paris and Moscow.

"The evening begins with a single old-fashioned radio spotlighted on a chair, an image that segues into a parade of illuminated radios, floating through the darkness. There's an aural background of static and shards of speech and music. (The highly sophisticated sound design is by Christopher Shutt and Gareth Fry.) The sounds coalesce into a variety of more comprehensible patterns. " NY Times, Ben Brantley


Cottesloe Theatre, NT. Direcotr: Katie Mitchell

"Gareth Fry's carefully orchestrated sound design completes the impression that here is .. an absorbing slice of life of pre-revolutionary russia", Evening Standard, Rachel Halliburton

Life x 3

UK tour, Resounder 

The Watery Part of the World

Sound and Fury, BAC. Director: Mark Espiner

"Gareth Fry's masterful sound artistry has free reign and immediately - when the sounds of lapping waves begin - you are transported."

"Gareth Fry's remarkable surround-sound design.  Wave after wave of sound-effects - the whir of a harpoon gun, the flap of a sail, a sudden turmoil of water - sends pulses racing." The Telegraph

"Gareth Fry’s evocative soundscape ranges from creaking timbers and lapping waves to the apocalyptic rumblings of some doomsday machine. Like Melville’s work, you’re made to feel that the human and natural worlds are caught in a battle between the heavenly and the demonic." The Times

"[the] sound design mingles the naturalistic with more abstract assemblages so that in moments of frenzied activity we feel ourselves in the bowels of some vast infernal engine." Financial Times


Complicite, European tour. Sound Engineer. Director: Simon McBurney. Sound designer: Chris Shutt

Sound engineer & assistant sound designer. Opened in Huddesfield 1999 and subsequently toured to Oxford, Newcastle, Cambridge, Salzberg Festival, Riverside Studios and Royal National Theatre London, Barcelona, Paris, 2 month run in New York, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Munich, Warsaw, Helsinki, Strasbourg, Lyons, Paris and Riverside Studios, London. 
** winner: Drama Desk best sound design 2001 **
** winner: Lucille Lortel best sound design 2001 **