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You Say You Want A Revolution?

I worked with film director Emily Harris on her feature length documentary, You Say You Want A Revolution?, which took some of the documentary material she filmed for the V&A Museum’s exhibition of the same name, and expanded it with new interviews to look at how the finished and unfinished revolutions of the late 1960s changed the way we live today and think about the future. Interviews include Yoko Ono, Twiggy, Stewart Brand, Michael Lang, Peter Coyote, Country Joe MacDonald and many more. The film premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival, not far from the birthplace of many of the revolutions featured in the film.

The Bookshop

I’ve designed the sound for this short film directed by long-term collaborator Susan Lynch, starring The Charlatan’s singer Tim Burgess. With beautifully recorded sound from Richard Miller, Foley from the Foley Factory, and mixing from Conor Kelly at Goldcrest. IMDB



I sound designed this short film, written and directed by Nathaniel Martello-White, starring Joel Fry, for Air Street Films, BBC Films and Creative England. Winner of the Raindance Festival award for Best UK Short Film.

My Name is Peter Stillman VR

I created the sound design for this VR piece, which placed the user in the mind of Peter Stillman, a character from Paul Auster's novel The City of Glass. It was featured at Manchester's HOME, the Lyric Hammersmith and at the Venice Film Festival. For 59 Productions.


I designed the sound for this short film, produced by 59 Productions with Riichard Curtis, which was broadcast on CBS as part of the coverage of the Global Citizen festival in New York, and was also screened to the United Nations General Assembly of world leaders.

Oxfam: Say No To Coal

I did the sound design for this animation for Oxfam. Animation was by Joseph Pierce (59 Productions). Music for the German and French versions was by Jeff Beal (House of Cards), and for the UK version was by Origamibiro. The English version is narrated by Simon Pegg.


Short film. Director: Mark Kinsella. Produced by Nick Laurence and Ann Phillips. A Film London: London Calling short.
This film was particularly challenging as it contained no dialogue or music.  More on IMDB

Sucker Punch

Web trailer - sound and music. Directed by Sacha Wares.

Beauty & the Beast

National Theatre web trailer - sound design. Directed by Katie Mitchell


Nightswimming - Screen Yorkshire (short). Directed by Dominic Leclerc 

Protect Me From What I Want

Screen Yorkshire (short). Directed by Dominic Leclerc.

Warning, the video below contains explicit content and is not recommended for viewing at work.

Touching Space

Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Directed by Catherine Alexander  & Victoria Gould

Attempts On Her Life

National Theatre web trailer - sound design. Directed by Katie Mitchell

Weather Patterns

London Film Festival. Directed by Simon McBurney