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Omay - Between The Ears

BBC Radio 3

Working with producer David Waters, we created this documentary about anthropologist Laura Rival, who spent many years living in the Amazon in a Huaorani community. It intersperse’s David’s interviews with her, with her own recordings made there, and binaural recordings I made in the Amazon Rainforest.

Listen here (with headphones)

Transmitted 16th June 2018

Chicken Soup with Barley 

BBC Radio 3

Directed by Simon Godwin, produced by Catherine Bailey

Transmitted 20th May 2012

 OK Computer

BBC Radio 4 Friday play

Directed by Lu Kemp. Written by Joel Horwood, Chris Perkins, Al Smith and Chris Thorpe. Performed by: Tom Brooke, Liz White, Federay Holmes, Pieter Lawman, Chris Thorpe

Transmitted: 19th October 2007, 11 April 2009 and 7th October 2012


BBC Radio 4 Afternoon play

Directed by Lu Kemp. Written by Alexis Zegerman. Performed by Danny Worters

Transmitted: 15th June 2007

 The Overwhelming

BBC Radio 3

Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Transmitted: 2007