All prices are exclusive of VAT. Minimum hire is one week, with a minimum charge of £100. Discounts will be automatically calculated for hires longer than one week. Hires are available to UK customers only. Delivery and collection are extra: smaller items can be sent by post or courier; larger items can be delivered by courier. If you have any questions or special requirements feel free to email me.

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Voice-over equipment

Whether for live, or for recording-in-rehearsals purposes


The AKG C414 provides a great, intimate, warm large-diaphragm sound; whilst the Neumann KMS105 is a lush handheld mic. On the other hand, if you want something that will match the tonality of the amplified sound, use a DPA 4061 with XLR adaptor. a Popper Stopper can be attached to a mic stand to prevent plosive Pop’s. An SE Reflexion Filter can be used to enclose the microphone for recording in echo’y rehearsal rooms, reducing the about of echo’s the mic picks up.

Mic stands

Music / Script stand

The RAT Jazz II stand (with bag) is fully height adjustable, incredibly stable, with a pencil shelf. Fully height adjustable from 432mm high (at knee height) to 1.2m high.


A local headphone amp allows the performer to adjust the volume of their headphones. Good closed headphones prevent the foldback from being picked up by the microphone. A local speaker can be provided for stage foldback.

Tally light

It can be useful to provide a light to the performer to indicate when their mic is on, and when it’s off, or to cue them.

The Canford MIDI AC Mains power switcher can receive MIDI (from QLab, for example, or from a Mixing Desk) to switch any item connected to it on or off. This could be any domestic or professional light fixture, like a Birdie or a dim night light. (Many mixing desks can be set that when a certain desk scene is recalled they send out specific MIDI commands).

Recording equipment

Apple Mac Mini with Ableton Live and Figure 53's QLab
Intel Mac Mini, 16GB RAM, SSD hard drive. Widescreen monitor, mouse and keyboard supplied. Computers are installed as standard Mac OS High Sierra,  with QLab v4 Pro Audio, Ableton Live v10 and Dante Virtual Soundcard. Varying configurations are available depending on requirements. Dual Redundant systems available.

RME Fireface 800 Soundcard
With 8 analogue outputs, 4 mic inputs and a MIDI interface, this soundcard is good for most rehearsals. Using the RME software TotalMix software an iPod lead can be plugged into the inputs, allowing a 2nd computer or iPhone to be plugged in and permanently routed to the outputs, sometimes removing the need for a mixing desk altogether.

Zoom H4NPro recorder
With 2 mic inputs, this portable recorder has much lower noise than previous models