All prices are exclusive of VAT. Minimum hire is one week, with a minimum charge of £100. Discounts will be automatically calculated for hires longer than one week. Hires are available to UK customers only. Delivery and collection are extra: smaller items can be sent by post or courier; larger items can be delivered by courier. If you have any questions or special requirements feel free to email me.

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Rehearsal systems

These are the common elements I’ll use for a rehearsal room rig.

Apple Mac Mini with Ableton Live and Figure 53's QLab
Intel Mac Mini, 16GB RAM, SSD hard drive. Widescreen monitor, mouse and keyboard supplied. Computers are installed as standard Mac OS High Sierra,  with QLab v4 Pro Audio, Ableton Live v10 and Dante Virtual Soundcard. Varying configurations are available depending on requirements. Dual Redundant systems available.

RME Fireface 800 Soundcard
With 8 analogue outputs, 4 mic inputs and a MIDI interface, this soundcard is good for most rehearsals. Using the RME software TotalMix software an iPod lead can be plugged into the inputs, allowing a 2nd computer or iPhone to be plugged in and permanently routed to the outputs, sometimes removing the need for a mixing desk altogether.

Cisco SG300-10 network switch
A network switch is often useful if there’re going to be a few computers talking to each other, especially if I’m using Dante instead of a soundcard between a computer and a mixer.

Back it up!

16GB USB3.0 flash drive. Compatible with Windows and Mac.
1TB USB3.0 hard drive (drop-proof to 1.5m, waterproof to 2m), with USB cable. Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Control Bits

A Novation Launchpad and Behringer BCF2000 allow lots of hands-on control of Ableton Live and QLab - great for when you’re improvising content.

See the playback section for more control and MIDI devices.

An extra monitor for your laptop

This 27” monitor gives you lots of extra screen real-estate, especially useful if you’re running QLab and other software simultaneously. With VGA/DVI/HDMI inputs. Thunderbolt adaptor available FOC on request.

Mixing desk

Yamaha QL1
This desk is compact and super powerful, whilst also being incredibly easy to use with it’s large touchscreen interface. It has built in Dante networking so can connect straight to a computer with just a network cable, without any need for a soundcard.

Yamaha LS9-32
This desk is great if you want to be hands-on with a lot of faders. It has 32 mic inputs, with 72 input channels,. 4 internal FX racks. 16 Mix outputs, plus stereo and mono outputs for 19 output channels. Two MY-AUD Dante cards can be added to give 32 channels of Dante inputs.

See the mixing desk section for more mixing desks, stage boxes and processors.


The Shure PG58 is similar to a Shure 58, but with a switch allowing the user to easily turn the mic on and off.

See the mic’s section for more microphones.

Radio Mic’s

You’ll need a transmitter and receiver for each channel of radio mic. It can either be a handheld radio mic, or a lapel-style radio mic. Belt-pack transmitters are supplied with an Sennheiser ME2 mic capsule by default. DPA 4061 and Sennheiser MKE-2’s are also available. Each transmitter takes 2 AA batteries, which lasts for 6 hours. The Duracell rechargeable batterie work nicely with these.

Check out the radio mic’s section to see more variety of products.

Handheld Radio Mic’s

Belt-pack Radio Mic’s

Radio Mic bits

QSC loudspeakers

QSC K12.2 Speakers

These are very portable 12-inch speakers with built-in 2000 watt amplifier, and small mixer/DSP on the rear of the unit (for example, allowing an iPod to also be plugged straight into the speaker). They mount on a tripod (and feature two holes, one that allows the unit to be mounted vertically, and one aiming slightly downwards at 7.5 degrees). A yoke is also available to fly them, either in landscape or portrait orientation.

KS112 sub

Matching sub for the K12’s for when you need some extra, or separate, sub-bass.

Kling and Freitag ca106 speakers / EM Acoustics EMS-61’s

These are smaller speakers, great for a small rehearsal room, or to add some spot FX speakers. They have 6” drivers, so are equivalent in size to a d&b E3 or E6 speaker. These are passive so need an amp to drive them.

Check out the speakers section to see a selection of smaller and louder speakers.

Recording rehearsals

The HD PVR rocket can be used to record a camcorder straight on to a USB key in Quicktime format, allowing it to be emailed, uploaded, or plonked straight into your DAW, Pro Tools, Logic, etc, without any additional extra conversion. The HDMI embedder can also be added, which allows you to replace the audio going into the recording device with the output of your mixing desk, or whatever else you want to plug into it.

Table and Lights

Sometimes there just aren’t enough tables… This is a high quality 4ft x 2ft 6in (122cm x 76cm) wooden topped table.
This USB light plugs into the back of a USB keyboard or other USB socket, and has 3 levels of dimming to adjust to different lighting conditions.