All prices are exclusive of VAT. Minimum hire is one week, with a minimum charge of £100. Discounts will be automatically calculated for hires longer than one week. Hires are available to UK customers only. Delivery and collection are extra: smaller items can be sent by post or courier; larger items can be delivered by courier. If you have any questions or special requirements feel free to email me.

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Production desk kit

These are items I commonly need on a production desk


A pair of decent headphones are super useful. As can a small self-powered speaker.

A Focusrite AM2 allows you to route any audio signal from Dante to your self-powered speaker, or headphones. Ideal to monitor any audio signal on your Dante network - perfect for troubleshooting.
A Cisco SG300-10 network switch allows you to connect your laptop(s) and other devices at the production desk, and have a single cable running to the back.


Walkie talkies are often a great way to communicate. Each walkie talkie comes with a charger and spare battery, a leather case with strap and a single sided headset..

Talkback mic

A microphone with a switch is a great way to enable you to talk to people on stage, or in a pit, without having to shout.


Often we need to control the computers or other equipment located at the sound desk, or elsewhere, Sometimes this can be achieved using Screen Sharing, but often this slows our workflow down. A KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) system allows us to control a computer from far away, by extending the keyboard, mouse and monitor to our production desk over a single Cat5 cable.

And sometimes we need an extra computer to control the things we need to control. This Acer Revo PC has Windows 8 installed and can be used to control compatible devices such as Yamaha mixing desks, DME’s, MRX’s and other devices. It comes with a small wireless mouse and keyboard, and has Ethernet, USB2, USB3, HDMi, DisplayPort and 3.5mm audio out. It is extremely compact, being slightly larger than a camcorder.

Recording rehearsals

The HD PVR rocket can be used to record a camcorder straight on to a USB key in Quicktime format, allowing it to be emailed, uploaded, or plonked straight into your DAW, Pro Tools, Logic, etc, without any additional extra conversion. The HDMI embedder can also be added, which allows you to replace the audio going into the recording device with the output of your mixing desk, or whatever else you want to plug into it.

Table, Lights and Power

Sometimes there just aren’t enough tables… This is a high quality 4ft x 2ft 6in (122cm x 76cm) wooden topped table.
This USB light plugs into the back of a USB keyboard or other USB socket, and has 3 levels of dimming to adjust to different lighting conditions.