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In-Ear Line Feeding systems (Prompt system)

These are systems are often used to build confidence with actors who are struggling to remember their lines. Often knowing they have someone on hand to feed them a line in their ear enables them to relax enough to remember their lines.

These systems often involve a prompter in an off-stage or auditorium position (where they can see if the performer is drying, or a signal for a line). The prompter has a mic they can turn on and off to send their voice into the performers ear. We avoid using switched microphones because they often make an audible click or thump when turned on which can be very distracting for the actor.

The key elements of the system are:

A microphone
A small mixing desk or mic pre-amp to fade the mic on and off.
An IEM transmitter

An IEM receiver
An ear-piece. A transparent acoustic tube is sometimes preferred over a more obvious headphone cable.

Line feeding earpiece system.png

Mic and Mixer

The Shure PG58 is similar to a Shure 58, but more affordable.

Script stand and light

This music stand is ideal to use for the prompter’s script
This USB light plugs into the back of a USB keyboard or other USB socket, and has 3 levels of dimming to adjust to different lighting conditions.

IEM system & Earpiece

You’ll need a transmitter and receiver. Each receiver takes 2 AA batteries, which lasts for 6 hours. The Duracell rechargeable batterie work nicely with these.

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