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Sound Devices 788T 10 track, 8 input recorder. £3100 + VAT

This item is in good condition with a few minor scratches from normal use.

It comes with a power supply, C-Link cable, XLR to TA3 cables to plug mic’s into inputs 5 to 8, a battery and a 16GB CF card. It also comes with a CL-WIFI device for remote control from an iOS device (not iOS 11).

The 788 is a 10 track recorder, with 8 pristine, super quiet mic inputs. It also has 6 analog and 6 digital outputs, a feature lacking from cheaper recorders, allowing you to feed multiple mixes to cameras and other systems. It also has two headphone outputs, one on 1/4”, one on 3.5mm. It records simultaneously to an internal hard drive and to a CF memory card for dual redundant backup. 

The LED rings around the 8 record level knobs give instant feedback that you are receiving signals into each input, and turn red when peaks occur. Channels can easily be linked together when using stereo or ambisonic microphones, to ensure each channel is recorded at the same gain setting. On0board decoding of MS and B-Format ambisonic recordings allow these to be monitored properly during recording.



Leica D3 laser distance meter £100 + VAT = £120

Laser measure up to 100m, illuminated screen angle of tilt sensor. Perfect for measuring distances between speakers to calculate delay times. In fabric case.

Yamaha LS9-32 £2000 + VAT = £2400

In excellent cosmetic condition. Bought in 2008, this desk has been well looked after and has only seen occasional use. Comes in original packaging, i.e. cardboard box, no flight case! The desk has 32 XLR mic inputs built in, and 16 XLR outputs. These can be expanded using the MY expansion slot for up to 72 inputs (64 mono, 4 stereo return) and 27 outputs (16 mix, 8 matrix, stereo, mono). Three of the faders are failing calibration and need replacing - which i can sort, or you can if you prefer - £150 off the purchase price if you want to do it (replacement faders cost £20 each).

Sennheiser MKE44P £295+VAT = £354

A super-compact stereo mic, ideal for field recording. It is light to hold and has classic Sennheiser sound quality. Runs off phantom power or off an AA battery. This mic is in as-new condition. New retails at over £500 + VAT


Rode NT4 stereo mic £75 + VAT = £90

A nice stereo mic for field recording. However a slight design flaw (no basket to protect the capsules) means the capsules are easily banged. So the mic is fine for static recording on a mic stand, but no longer good for field recording as the capsule is a touch loose (the two capsules can make contact if you are running around for example). The nickel base is marked from spending a lot of time in my rucksack.

LA Audio CLK-D4 word clock distribution amp £50 + VAT = £60

A useful gadget for distributing word clock signals around multiple pieces of digital equipment.

MOTU Micro Expres £70 + VAT = £84

This MIDI interface has 4 sets of MIDI inputs and 6 MIDI outputs, for shows with complex MIDI requirements. It can also be used as a Merge unit, and for various other MIDI patch functions. It has a switch allowing it to be used on either 240V or 110V.

Persons Firestudio Mobile £45 + VAT = £54

This handy little sound card has 2 mic/line inputs plus another 6 line inputs. Two outputs and a headphone socket. Plus SPDIF input and out, and MIDI input and output. It works off Firewire so will need a Thunderbolt to Firewire adaptor to use it with the current MacBooks, which can be handy as it doesn't take up a precious USB port! It is bus-powered so can doesn't need a power adaptor, but one can be used if you have a PC that doesn't supply bus power.

MBox 2 Mini - sound card for ProTools £25+VAT = £30

This is a small compact, highly portable sound card. It features an XLR mic input, a line input, and line and headphone outputs.

Behringer SRC2496 £70 + VAT = £84

This is a useful box to bring analog devices in and out of the digital domain. It converts analog to AES/EBU and to SPDIF (phono and optical) and back again. I have two available, price is for one.

Boss RC-2 Loop Station looping pedal with power supply £100 + VAT = £120

Foot pedal looping device. Barely used. Manufacturer's page

Samyang 85mm lens for Nikon SLR £175 + VAT = £210

Great for shots from the back of the Stalls!

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