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Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece - National Gallery

I worked with 59 Productions to create the sound design for this innovative new exhibition at the National Gallery. The exhibition takes a deep dive into just one single painting, the Virgin on the Rocks, by Leonardo Da Vinci. It examines the natural environment that inspired the piece, the use of light, the religious inspirations, and how it differs from the first version of the paining he made.


You Say You Want A Revolution?

I worked with film director Emily Harris on her feature length documentary, You Say You Want A Revolution?, which took some of the documentary material she filmed for the V&A Museum’s exhibition of the same name, and expanded it with new interviews to look at how the finished and unfinished revolutions of the late 1960s changed the way we live today and think about the future. Interviews include Yoko Ono, Twiggy, Stewart Brand, Michael Lang, Peter Coyote, Country Joe MacDonald and many more. The film premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival, not far from the birthplace of many of the revolutions featured in the film.

Bastille’s Doom Days - Still Avoiding Tomorrow

I created the sound design for the launch of Bastille’s album, Doom Days. Working with writer Charlotte Bogard Macleod, and my team of Mike Winship, Ella Wahlstrom and Helen Skiera, we developed and designed three stories, told simultaneously using binaural sound over wireless headphones. The stories and sound design interwove themes and lyrics from the album with a binaural soundscape and Bastille’s music. After the 40 minute performance, the audience moved next door where Bastille performed the full album live.

NME review

The Bookshop

I’ve designed the sound for this short film directed by long-term collaborator Susan Lynch, starring The Charlatan’s singer Tim Burgess. With beautifully recorded sound from Richard Miller, Foley from the Foley Factory, and mixing from Conor Kelly at Goldcrest. IMDB


V&A Unframed

I worked with film-maker Emily Harris, having previously working on her film for the V&A exhibition Glastonbury: Land and Legend, to create this film for the V&A’s exhibition at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial. We created a 5.1 mix for the film, plus placed specific sounds and interviews in speakers concealed in a model box created by Tortoise in a Nutshell’s designer, Amelia Bird.

Photo Gareth Fry

Photo Gareth Fry

All Kinds of Limbo - National Theatre’s Wolfson Gallery - VR experience

This is an immersive performance piece using room-scale VR, volumetric capture and holographic projection. Composed by Nibiya Brandon and Raffy Bushman. Directed by Toby Coffey. The installation is in the Wolfson Gallery within the National Theatre.


Rekorder-land Magic Leap experience

I created the sound design (with associate Mike Winship) for this mixed reality experience at the Underbelly on London’s South Bank this summer. It uses a mix of strategically placed speakers and spatialised audio within Magic Leap headsets to transport visitors to a magical forest….

Moments of Silence - Imperial War Museum

I worked with 59 Production’s Richard Slaney to create this exhibition for the IWM. In the first space I created a soundtrack entirely out of the sound of sand, to accompany a projected abstract piece animated using sand particles. The second space, which was completely dark and treated to be acoustically dead, featured am ambisonic soundscape of a number of two-minute silences, that myself, my team and others recorded of a variety of memorial silences held across the world, from St. Pauls to a submarine, from Derby Football Club to the Everest Base Camp.


Anna Meredith: Five Telegrams: Sender / Receiver: First Night of the Proms and EIF Opening

I worked with 59 Production’s Richard Slaney and Anna Meredith on her piece Five Telegrams. The night before the First Night of the Prom, we previewed her composition, with projection mapped visuals on the exterior of the Royal Albert Hall.


Then using recordings of that performance, and from Anna’s actual First Night of the Prom (which had visuals mapped on the inside of the Royal Albert Hall), we edited and mixed a version to play for the opening of the Edinburgh International Festival.

Omay - BBC Radio 3 documentary

Working with producer David Waters, we created this documentary about anthropologist Laura Rival, who spent many years living in the Amazon in a Huaorani community. It intersperse’s David’s interviews with her, with her own recordings made there, and binaural recordings I made in the Amazon Rainforest.

Listen here (with headphones)

Lock Her Up - Tate Modern

Working with artists Sabrina Mahfouz, Rachel Mars and Paula Varjack, and Fuel, I created three ten-minute pieces responding to the theme of incarcerated women. These were exhibited at the Tate Modern museum, then at the Latitude Festival, with future exhibitions in the planning.


Tunnel Visions: Array

I worked with 59 Production’s Richard Slaney, on the recording, editing, mixing, system design and diffusion of Esa-Pekka Salonen’s Karawane for Orchestra and Chorus. Starting off as a recording of the BBC Symphony Orchestra I created a sound design using 40 speakers and 20 sub-bass speakers spaced out down the Beech Street tunnel in central London (the dingy tunnel that leads to the Barbican).

Expedia 3D audio campaign

I worked with Create Future, Expedia and Brand USA to plan their Sound Travels campaign, highlighting aspects of a variety of American cities and locations to encourage people to visit. It eventually involved location recording in binaural sound across the USA by Clatter&Din


Eloise Hawser: By The Deep, By The Mark exhibition

I worked with Somerset House Studio’s artist Eloise Hawser, and sound artist Laura Mitchison, to create two soundscapes for Eloise’s exhibition, By The Deep, By The Mark, looking at liquid flow within the body, and the city.


Tycho Brahe "Made in Space"

I worked with 59 Production’s Lysander Ashton to create the sound design for Copenhagen’s Tycho Brahe permanent exhibition. It features Kinect, touchscreen and motion tracking interactives, as well as regular video content and soundscapes in other parts of the gallery.

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

I recorded, edited and mixed this 7-part podcast family drama for Cecilia and Mindshare, working closely with them and Land Rover to create an innovative podcast recorded in binaural audio, on location across the UK with a host of actors, presenters, explorers and sports personalities.

Hear Their There Here

iPhone/Android app-based sound-walk around Brooklyn Bridge Park for St Ann's Warehouse. Director: Geoff Sobelle


Draw Me Close

VR experience for the NT's Immersive Storytelling Studio. Selected for the Tribeca and Venice Film Festivals.


Philips Sleep Light 

I produced US and German versions of a binaural experience to demonstrate Philips Sleep Light products, for M-IS


I sound designed this short film, written and directed by Nathaniel Martello-White, starring Joel Fry, for Air Street Films, BBC Films and Creative England. Winner of the Raindance Festival award for Best UK Short Film.

My Name is Peter Stillman VR

I created the sound design for this VR piece, which placed the user in the mind of Peter Stillman, a character from Paul Auster's novel The City of Glass. It was featured at Manchester's HOME, the Lyric Hammersmith and at the Venice Film Festival. For 59 Productions.

Bose Mercedes F1 Garage experience

I recorded and produced the sounds for this Synergy Sponsorship project for Bose, with Unit9, utilising multiple ambisonic and binaural sound recordings in a unique VR immersive environment.

Can you spot the 5 ambisonic mics?

Can you spot the 5 ambisonic mics?

Volvo Sound Affects campaign

Binaural recording and mixing for Volvo and M-is's Sound Affects campagin, highlighting the quiet running of their new XC-90 Hybrid vehicle


I designed the sound for this short film, produced by 59 Productions with Riichard Curtis, which was broadcast on CBS as part of the coverage of the Global Citizen festival in New York, and was also screened to the United Nations General Assembly of world leaders.

United Nations Global Goals Launch

Working with 59 Productions, I created a ten minute sound design for this projected artwork which was projected on the United Nations headquartes in New York at the opening of the Geneal Assembly of world leaders.

Deloitte Ignite

Oxfam: Say No To Coal

I did the sound design for this animation for Oxfam. Animation was by Joseph Pierce (59 Productions). Music for the German and French versions was by Jeff Beal (House of Cards), and for the UK version was by Origamibiro. The English version is narrated by Simon Pegg.

500 Years of Hampton Court: A Digital Tapestry

Exhibition at Hampton Court Palace, Spring 2015-2016

Hampton Court 500 Rewind

Projection Mapping on Hampton Court Palace, Apring 2015


Short film. Director: Mark Kinsella. Produced by Nick Laurence and Ann Phillips. A Film London: London Calling short.
This film was particularly challenging as it contained no dialogue or music.  More on IMDB

David Bowie Is

V&A Museum, London, UK Summer 2014; Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada, Winter 2014; MIS, Sao Paulo, Spring 2014; Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany, Spring 2014; MCA Chicago, Autumn 2014; Philharmonie de Paris, France, Spring 2015

Digital Revolution

Barbican Curve, Barbican Centre, London, Summer 2014
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Vivid Live - Lighting the Sails 2014

Projection Mapping on the Sydney Opera House, Summer 2014

Shakespeare: Greatest Living Playwright

V&A Museum, Spring 2014
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A CBeebies Christmas Carol

Sheffield Crucible. Broadcast on BBC2 (on Christmas Eve) and CBeebies. Director: Jon Spooner. BBC website.

Opening Ceremony - Olympic Games, London 2012.

Directed by Danny Boyle

Video to follow

Chicken Soup with Barley

BBC Radio 3

Directed by Simon Godwin, produced by Catherine Bailey

Transmitted 20th May 2012

Sucker Punch

Web trailer - sound and music. Directed by Sacha Wares.

Beauty & the Beast

National Theatre web trailer - sound design. Directed by Katie Mitchell


Nightswimming - Screen Yorkshire (short). Directed by Dominic Leclerc 

Protect Me From What I Want

Screen Yorkshire (short). Directed by Dominic Leclerc

Touching Space

Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Directed by Catherine Alexander  & Victoria Gould

Attempts On Her Life

National Theatre web trailer - sound design. Directed by Katie Mitchell

OK Computer

BBC Radio 4 Friday play

Directed by Lu Kemp. Written by Joel Horwood, Chris Perkins, Al Smith and Chris Thorpe. Performed by: Tom Brooke, Liz White, Federay Holmes, Pieter Lawman, Chris Thorpe

Transmitted: 19th October 2007, 11 April 2009 and 7th October 2012


BBC Radio 4 Afternoon play

Directed by Lu Kemp. Written by Alexis Zegerman. Performed by Danny Worters

Transmitted: 15th June 2007

The Overwhelming

BBC Radio 3

Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Transmitted: 2007

Weather Patterns

London Film Festival. Directed by Simon McBurney

Climbers & Creepers

Climbers & Creepers - Sound design for Interactive botanical exhibition and accompanying website at Kew Gardens